Ute Engelhardt

Ute Engelhardt is a musician, composer, author and producer.

Her own recording studio has been the base for her versatile work as a composer for cinema, TV productions and professional theatre: serafim music


The studio is a serene place, suffused with light. It includes a gallery, various terraces and a welcoming place for meetings. There are three different recording studios allowing acoustically optimal conditions for voice-over artists, singers and instrumentalists.

We can also offer the best acoustic conditions for grand piano recordings. The large variety of highly sophisticated instruments which we play ourselves, are part of our repertoire. Microphones delivering ideal sound spectrums are our everyday tools.

Apart from our comprehensive sound library, we also have plenty of ingenuity to compose individual sound creations.

State of the art hardware and software enables us to guarantee smooth, fast and flexible project completion.


serafim music merges well-founded musical knowledge, complex professional experience, artistic virtuosity and professional equipment with an excellent network of instrumentalists, orchestras, singers and voice-over artists.

Hence our large variety of services on offer:

  • Sound recordings for fictional cinema, TV productions and TV series
  • Music for animated films
  • Music for documentaries and corporate films
  • Composition and arrangements of songs
  • Setting song lyrics to music
  • Music for plays and theatre productions
  • Music for cinema and TV trailers
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